Select Paperwork Nights - This Week!

Updated Tuesday August 21, 2018 by Michele Leber.

Select Team Information

The MBA Select Program is a competitive basketball league that competes against other Dayton area select programs as part of the Dayton Metro League.

Upcoming events:

Tuesday, October 10th and Thursday, October 12th is our parents/players night. It is in the Middle School cafeteria from 7:00-8:30. It is required for all players and a parent to attend at least one of these two days. (This is not optional)

***When you arrive, please pick up the your child’s card. This card will ensure that you pay the correct fees when you get to check out. Everyone must visit the payment table.**** 

  1. Paperwork. We will be collecting all paperwork. Please see attached documents (. We will have copies available that night, but it make check out will go faster if you have these completed already.
  2. Birth Certificate. You will need a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate.       If you played last year, we have it. If you are unable to copy the birth certificate, please bring it with you and we will take a PDF of it to print for our records.
  3. Lindsay’s Law. A new item this year: you must all watch a video (Lindsay's Law Video) and sign off that you understand on Lindsay’s Law. The document is included as an attachment as well. If you are unable to watch the video, we will have computers set up for you to watch it while you are waiting.
  4. Meet and Greet. Meet the coaches, Joe, and myself.
  5. Expectations. Go over expectations for parent, players, and coaches.
  6. Uniforms. Try on and order uniforms.
    1. If you played last year, they are EXACTLY the same. If they fit you don’t need to reorder. We can order separately shorts, jerseys, and shooters shirts as needed.
  7. Pay fees.
    1. Costs are $223.50 total for general fee and select fee.  If you need a uniform or any part of a uniform there would be an additional cost to the amount above.
    2. Uniforms are $21 for jersey, $12 each for shorts, and $14 for a shooters shirt; $46 for all 3.
    3. We will accept cash, check, or credit cards.

No player will be allowed to practice or play until all forms are filled out and fees paid.

For questions regarding our select programs, please contact the following directors:

Boys Select Director
Scott Childs: (740) 398-8897 or
Girls Select Director
Joe Leber: (937) 416-5396 or

Linsay's Law Information.pdf
Metro - Child Release Agreement (Updated).pdf
Metro - Responsibility Agreement (Updated).pdf
Parent-Athlete Linsay's Law Form.pdf
Viking Basketball Team Guidelines.pdf