Select Paperwork Nights - Coming Soon!!!

UpdatedMonday October 7, 2019 byMichele Leber.

Select Team Information

The MBA Select Program is a competitive basketball league that competes against other Dayton area select programs as part of the Dayton Metro League.

Upcoming events:

Monday, September 30 & Tuesday, October 8 is our parents/players night. It is in the Middle School cafeteria from 7:00-8:30. It is required for all players and a parent to attend at least one of these two days. (This is not optional)

***When you arrive, please pick up your child’s card. This card will ensure that you pay the correct fees when you get to check out. Everyone must visit the payment table, but DO NOT remove the card from the room.**** 

  1. Required Metro Online Paperwork. This is different this year.  Metro is requiring that all paperwork be completed online.  Parents must create an account and upload birth certificates and sign waivers through their website.  We will have computers available for use at paperwork night. You will need to bring your child's birth certificate (or a picture) if you plan on registering that night.  
  2. Lindsay’s Law. As most of you are aware, you must all watch a video (Lindsay's Law Video) and sign off that you understand on Lindsay’s Law as per the Ohio Department of Education. The document, to sign, as well as an information sheet is included as an attachment as well. If you are unable to watch the video, we will have computers set up for you to watch it while you are waiting.
  3. Meet and Greet. Meet the coaches and directors.
  4. Expectations. MBA Directors will go over expectations for parent, players, and coaches.  Uploaded document to come.
  5. Uniforms. Try on and order uniforms.
    • If you played last year, they are EXACTLY the same. If they fit, you don’t need to reorder. We can order separate shorts, jerseys, and/or shooters shirts as needed.
  6. Fees.
    • Costs are $250 total for a combination of the general fee and the additional select fee for grades 3 through 6. For 2nd grade, your total would be $210.  If you need a uniform or any part of a uniform there would be an additional cost to the amount above.
    • Uniforms are $25 for jersey, $13 each for shorts, and $17 for a shooters shirt; $55 for all 3.
    • We will accept cash, check, or credit cards.

No player will be allowed to practice or play until all fees paid & Metro requirements fulfilled.

For questions regarding our select programs, please contact the following directors:

Boys Select Director
Greg Harris: (937) 608-3922 or
Girls Select Director
Joe Leber: (937) 416-5396 or

Lindsay's Law Information.pdf
Parent-Athlete Lindsay's Law Form.pdf