Coach Resources

UpdatedMonday October 24, 2016 byMichele Leber.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches will.....

  • place the emotional and physical well-being of their players ahead of their personal desire to win. 
  • participate honestly in the team draft process and assist the MBA Board in creating well balanced competition by evenly distributing talent across all teams.
  • treat each player as an individual, remembering the large range of emotional and physical development for the same age group.
  • do their best to provide a safe playing situation for their players.
  • do their best to organize practices that are fun and challenging for all their players.
  • lead by example in demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all their players.
  • be knowledgeable in the rules set forth by the MBA, and teach these rules to their players. 
  • communicate clearly with players and parents.
  • use coaching techniques appropriate for all of the ages that they coach. 
  • notify the MBA Board immediately of any concerns or problems that arise during the season and understand that decisions made by the Board are final.
  • remember that they are a youth sports coach, and that the game is for the children and not adults.
  • accept the decision of the officials and will not boo or heckle regardless of their feelings.  
  • refrain from using foul language towards other parents, players, Board members, or officials.  

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